Industrie & Technologies : “Heptafluoropropane stimulation, an invention almost made in France”

Wednesday, 15th April 2015

After developing pure propane stimulation, the service company ecorpStim has developed the concept of stimulation with heptafluoropropane especially for France, in 2013. France eventually maintained its circular of 2012, which prohibited any drilling targeting unconventional hydrocarbons on French soil, thereby prohibiting all experiments including those of alternative techniques to hydraulic fracturing. The company should now propose the technology to all interested industry stakeholders.
According Florence Maisel, Managing director of Interel France and Director of External Relations of ecorpStim EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the founder of ecorpStim John Thrash has a credo: to be a pioneer in his field for environmental issues. She details the ins and outs of the two technologies, only a few years old but already controversial.

Heptafluoropropane stimulation, an invention almost “made in France”
Article of Philippe Passebon in Industrie & Technologies – Published on April 15th 2015 (French)

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