ecorpStim successfully experiments Light Alkanes Stimulation in the Marcellus Shale

Monday, 04th April 2016

eCORP Stimulation Technologies, LLC (“ecorpStim”) is proud to announce the successful field demonstration of its new Light Alkanes Stimulation (LAS) system, during which it safely stimulated the Marcellus Shale with a fluid other than water. This field demonstration is part of ecorpStim’s ongoing efforts to advance the development of shale gas in a sustainable manner and with minimal environmental impact.

The test, conducted in January and February 2016 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, confirmed the mechanical performance of the light alkane (LAS) fluid working in conjunction with the simple natural sand proppant to achieve injection and subsequent mechanical breaking of the rock, placing fluid and sand within it.

The only fluid used to initiate the stimulation was pure mineral oil. These alkanes are non-flammable and completely safe: they are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for human ingestion and exposure. They also have no adverse impacts on the environment: they are non-ozone depleting and have zero global warming potential.

Just like propane in pure propane stimulation (PPS) developed by ecorpStim, light alkanes are a component of natural hydrocarbon production from shales and conventional reservoirs. Thus, as they are already present in the reservoir, using them as the stimulation fluid does not damage the reservoir rock, and therefore should allow increased production from the well compared with traditional hydraulic fracturing. Likewise, light alkanes can also be self-supplied from the reservoir being stimulated. Lastly, they can be recycled through the reservoir and recovered for further use, in the same way as for propane and heptafluoropropane (as in ecorpStim’s NFP stimulation).

Light Alkanes Stimulation (LAS) also provides a greater flexibility (broad range of viscosity / density) which enables this new technology to be used in varied shale formations and operating conditions.

Dr. John Thrash, eCORP’s CEO and Chairman, stated, “We are extremely pleased with what we have confirmed with this procedure. We believe there is a certain path for sustainable shale gas development and this demonstration proves a viable clean alternative exists for stimulating shale. We intend to extend this design philosophy and demonstrate that a total reduced impact can be achieved through other innovations in drilling and exploration technologies we are developing at eCORP.

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