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Energy Post: “The new fracking – how shale gas may yet transform the European energy market”

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Shale gas in Europe – it’s a revolution that does not seem to be happening. Even in countries like Poland and the UK, where governments are pushing it. However, European shale gas may get a second chance – if US company eCorp is to be believed. CEO John Thrash of eCorp says his company can frack without using any water, with no chemicals and much cheaper. The French government first embraced eCorp’s technology, only to ignore it later, “for political reasons”. Thrash is now taking his mission to other countries in Europe, and the world.

The new fracking – how shale gas may yet transform the European energy market
Article in the Energy Post – Published on July 14th 2015

Energy Post: “Dramatic shale gas plea falls on deaf ears in Paris, but Brussels opens back door to fracking”

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A report from the French Ministry of the Economy and Industrial Recovery concludes that France could have its own shale gas revolution, with hundreds of billions in revenues and hundreds of thousands of new jobs. What is more, with the help of a unique new technology, based on propane stimulation, the shale gas could be produced without harm to the environment. The report, already produced in June 2014, was, however, ignored by the French government, newspaper Le Figaro has revealed. Meanwhile, the European Commission is being accused by NGO’s Friends of the Earth and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) that it is secretly “promoting” shale gas development in Europe.

Dramatic shale gas plea falls on deaf ears in Paris, but Brussels “opens back door to fracking”
Article in the Energy Post – Published on April 15th 2015

Industrie & Technologies : “Heptafluoropropane stimulation, an invention almost made in France”

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After developing pure propane stimulation, the service company ecorpStim has developed the concept of stimulation with heptafluoropropane especially for France, in 2013. France eventually maintained its circular of 2012, which prohibited any drilling targeting unconventional hydrocarbons on French soil, thereby prohibiting all experiments including those of alternative techniques to hydraulic fracturing. The company should now propose the technology to all interested industry stakeholders.
According Florence Maisel, Managing director of Interel France and Director of External Relations of ecorpStim EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the founder of ecorpStim John Thrash has a credo: to be a pioneer in his field for environmental issues. She details the ins and outs of the two technologies, only a few years old but already controversial.

Heptafluoropropane stimulation, an invention almost “made in France”
Article of Philippe Passebon in Industrie & Technologies – Published on April 15th 2015 (French)

Le Figaro: “Shale gas, the report buried by the government”

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An expert report commissioned by Arnaud Montebourg recommended the experimentation in France of an exploitation technology based on fluoropropane, an alternative to the controversial hydraulic fracturing. The government has never agreed to implement it.

Shale gas, the report buried by the government
Article of Bertille Bayart in Le Figaro – Published on April 7th 2015 (French)

L’Usine Nouvelle: “Shale Gas : John Francis Thrash wants to demonstrate in France the reliability of propane fracturing”

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John Francis Thrash, Chairman – CEO of ecorpStim, answers to the questions of L’Usine Nouvelle on the ecorpStim Research Consortium and on his vision of a clean exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons in Europe.

Shale Gas : John Francis Thrash wants to “demonstrate in France the reliability of propane fracturing”
Article of Ludovic Dupin in L’Usine Nouvelle – Published on August 22nd 2014 (French)

Propane stimulation mentioned in European Commission’s Joint Research Center report

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The Joint Research Center (the European Commission in-house science service) recently released a report entitled “An overview of hydraulic fracturing and other formation stimulation technologies for shale gas production”.

This study, carried out in the frame of the internal impact assessment prior to the publishing of the Commission’s guidelines on shale gas in January 2014, provides a snapshot of alternative technologies to hydraulic fracturing for stimulating shale reservoirs, including the propane and non-flammable propane solutions developed by ecorpStim.

According to the Joint Research Center, “Liquid propane is particularly suitable for use as fracturing fluid because it is less viscous than water. Many shale formations are water-sensitive, and using LPG would avoid this problem”.

Europe1: “Shale gas: What do we know about fluoropropane?”

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A MIRACLE SOLUTION? The use of this gas is considered to replace the controversial hydraulic fracturing. tried to learn more about the state of scientific and industrial knowledge about this gas still little known, but already eagerly awaited.

Shale gas: What do we know about fluoropropane?
Article by Gaétan Supertino, – Published on February 17th 2014 (French)

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