Light Alkanes and
Amorphous Bora-Silica

The fundamental principle that governs the development of ecorpStim stimulation technologies is the constant search for cleaner, more sustainable yet efficient and cost effective systems to produce unconventional resources, and more especially natural gas from shale.

The 3 stimulation systems that we have developed so far are based on exactly the same pattern: they don’t use a single drop of water and no chemical additives whatsoever. The stimulation fluid is made of naturally occurring components of natural gas, either propane (or a fluorinated form of propane) or a selection of other light alkanes. The use of a reservoir fluid increases the production of the well, compared with water in traditional hydraulic fracturing.

We are constantly striving to refine and improve our technologies to adjust to all kinds of geological, geographical, operational and economic constraints.

After having developed Pure Propane Stimulation (PPS) in 2012, we have proposed a non-flammable version of this technology (NFP) in 2013, using heptafluoropropane instead of regular propane. In 2015, we developed Light Alkanes Stimulation (LAS) which is nonflammable, more flexible than PPS at a technical level, and which can be used in a broader variety of geological and operational conditions.
These 3 technologies perfectly complement each other.

History of Alkane Stimulation Technologies

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Light alkanes


Development of Light Alkanes Stimulation (LAS), also non-flammable, a more flexible technology option that can be used in a broader variety of geological and operational conditions.

Non-flammable propane


New technological innovation by ecorpStim: use of a non-flammable form of propane (NFP) using heptafluoropropane (HFP).

Pure propane


Creation of ecorpStim to develop an improved version of propane stimulation, starting with the removal of all chemicals. The stimulation fluid is composed exclusively of pure propane (+ sand/ceramics)

Propane gel


In 2007, the Canadian company GasFrac started to use gelled propane (with additives) to stimulate shale rocks. Since then, over 2.500 operations of stimulation have been performed using this gelled propane technique by operators in Canada and in the United-States.

Conventional targets

Since 1970s

Propane stimulation has been used for 50 years in conventional reservoirs before being adapted for unconventional ones. eCORP and its predecessor companies have been using propane since 1978, and was considered a pioneer in the 1980s for the use of propane in E.O.R operations.

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