Dr. Thrash has served as Chief Executive Officer of eCORP, predecessor companies and affiliates since 1985, having formally joined in 1982. For more than 30 years, he has continuously lead the development, acquisition and disposition of the Company’s E&P (primary and enhanced oil recovery and natural gas production), gas storage and power projects, as well as its often unique, highly sophisticated financing initiatives. Dr. Thrash developed the Company’s current global business plan as an outgrowth of this platform.

Owning, operating and integrating three classes of assets (upstream natural gas and oil; midstream natural gas; and downstream electric power) which in the aggregate, have constituted many billions of USD investment to-date and allowed the company to uniquely manage E&P risk by coupling it with natural gas storage development in select geologic settings. He has positioned the company as a noted “green” developer through projects exhibiting profound environmental care and concern in their construction and operation in addition to innovating adaptive “green” technologies. The company’s latest technology (ecorpStim) uses pure home grade propane without water or chemicals – an alternative to traditional hydraulic fracturing.

Dr. Thrash has served in numerous advisory roles and presented to a broad range of US and international regulatory agencies (such as the U.S Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Comisión Reguladora de Energía of Mexico, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and Alliance Nationale de Coordination de la Recherche pour l’Énergie) as well as to public forums on scientific and energy related topics. He also has had a distinguished academic and research career. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Dr. Thrash obtained a M.D. and trained at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.


D. Ronald HARRELL, P.E.


Mr. Harrell joined Ryder Scott Co. as a reservoir engineer in 1968, became its President in 1998 and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 2000-2005, remaining as its Board Chairman until May 2006. Founded in 1937, Ryder Scott is one of the largest, oldest and most respected reservoir-evaluation consulting firms in the industry and is, by far, the most widely used consulting firm for preparing annual petroleum reserves certifications for filers with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company also serves clients listed on the London, Ontario, Toronto, Hong Kong, Australian and other stock exchanges.

Projects Mr. Harrell personally oversaw at Ryder Scott included reserves certifications, property evaluations for sale, purchase or financing, reservoir management, gas supply analysis in support of pipeline construction, gas storage studies, contract compliance and litigation support. He is a well-published, noted authority who is highly regarded both domestically and internationally, having represented clients that include oil and gas producers, pipeline companies, utilities, banks, insurance companies, universities, municipalities, governmental agencies, law firms, investors, estates and royalty owners. His past Chairmanship of the Oil and Gas Reserves Committee of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, on which he remains as an observer, illustrates his worldwide standing.

Mr. Harrell is a Director of Union Drilling, Inc., Chairman of the University of Houston’s Petroleum Engineering Advisory Board and immediate past President of Louisiana Tech University’s Engineering and Science Foundation Board. Mr. Harrell received a B.S. degree in petroleum engineering, magna cum laude, from Louisiana Tech University.


Robert R. VOORHEES, Jr.


Mr. Voorhees has been with eCORP and affiliated companies for over 20 years serving as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director for most of that time. During that period, he was responsible for the financial accounting, tax accounting, budgeting, financing activities and administration associated with the development, design, construction, operation and ultimate sale of two of the premier gas storage facilities in the United States: the Stuart Gas Storage Facility in Oklahoma and the Stagecoach Gas Storage Facility in New York.

Before joining eCORP in 1988, Mr. Voorhees practiced as a consultant and CPA, and acted as Chief Financial Officer/Vice President of Finance for two small publicly-held companies.

From 1983 to 1986, he was Vice President for a private real estate investment and development firm in Houston, Texas. He also worked with Ernst & Whinney and Texas Eastern Corporation. Mr. Voorhees holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Louisiana State University, and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1981. Mr. Voorhees is actively involved in the leadership of several charitable organizations.


Florence MAISEL


Ms. Maisel is the founder and Managing Partner of Interel France and a Member of the Executive Committee of Interel Group. She founded Interel in Paris in 1989, which was one of the first public affairs / lobbying consultancies in France. Today, Interel France is the French subsidiary of Interel Group, with headquarters in Brussels, and wholly owned offices in Bejing, Berlin, Brussels, Delhi, London, Paris and Washington DC. Florence is an active member of the Interel Global Practice, which manages a network of 45 public affairs affiliates across the world, gathering 1000 best in class consultants.

Before founding Interel in Paris, Ms. Maisel was a political consultant at “Michel Bongrand SA” (founder of the international association of political consultants – IAPC) and was in charge of several political campaigns as well as of corporate communication campaigns for the government. She started her career with Arthur Young in the public sector department and is the co-founder (in 1991) and member of the board of the French Association of Lobbying and Public Affairs Consultants (AFCL).

Recognizing Ms. Maisel’s extensive experience in energy, environmental affairs and political consultancy, eCORP has engaged her to serve as the Director of External Affairs for EMEA. In addition to her native French, Ms. Maisel speaks fluent English and Spanish. She is a graduate of “Sciences Po Paris”, holds a master’s degree in marketing and is a graduated mediator.


Robert LESTZ


Mr. Lestz is a degreed petroleum engineer with 26 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, most recently as the Chief Technology Officer for GasFrac Energy Services. Previously, he spent 22½ years at Chevron working in the areas of well stimulation, artificial lift, coiled tubing, completions, and remedial well work operations. He last led a multidiscipline R&D organization at Chevron’s technology company specifically focused on Unconventional Resources. Part of this effort involved building and managing external partnerships at Universities and National Laboratories.

Mr. Lestz holds 5 patents (including those associated with the GasFrac technology) and has additional patent applications pending. He previously served on the board of directors of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council and on the United States Department of Energy Oil Shale Ad Hoc Group and is currently on the advisory board of the University of Utah Institute for Clean and Secure Energy. He has also published numerous articles in trade journals and peer reviewed technical journals.




Mr. Stauss has over 30 years of Oil and Gas experience. He has served eCORP in many capacities including Director of Commercial Operations for the Stagecoach Natural Gas Storage Facility in New York while it was under ownership by eCORP. In this capacity, he managed Stagecoach’s Tariff responsibilities and the commercial activities with storage customers, including the pursuit of future storage development opportunities. During the construction of Stagecoach, he was responsible for the high voltage electric system, including managing the facility’s regulatory filing with the New York State Public Service Commission that authorized construction and ownership of the 115 kV transmission line; managing the 115 kV Substation, Switch Station and power line contracts; and negotiating and administering the Interconnect Agreement with NYSEG, the local utility.

Prior to joining eCORP in 2001, Mr. Stauss worked with Pipeline Power Partners, the compression development company that designed and constructed the Stagecoach compressor station. He also spent 15 years with the Coastal Corporation and worked for Coastal affiliates including Coastal Gas Marketing (Manager, East Coast Operations); Coastal Multi-Fuels (Manager, Products Marketing); and ANR Pipeline (Manager, Pipeline Natural Gas Pricing). He began his career with Panhandle Eastern Pipeline in the gas control department. Mr. Stauss holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Clarkson University as well as a Masters in Business Administration from Houston Baptist University.




Prior to his appointment to Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Kopecky served as eCORP’s Vice President of International Operations focusing on the development of European assets. Prior to joining eCORP in December, 2010, Mr. Kopecky carried out business development and drilling projects for various clients over 11 years in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ecuador, Iraq, Colombia and the United States. Before retiring from Enron Oil & Gas in 1999, he was instrumental in capturing, and then managing major projects (capital expenditures up to $1 Billion) in India, Trinidad and China. Each project started with evaluation of discovered reserves and exploration potential, and progressed with formulating the business trade, negotiating governing agreements and establishing an operating team in-country. He continued with drilling and completing initial wells, installing platforms and facilities and start-up of production. His earlier oil and gas engineering and operations experience was gained at Union Texas Petroleum, Mobil, Superior Oil and Exxon.

Companies operating onshore in the United Kingdom recently formed an industry representation group under the mantle of United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group (“UKOOG”) whose initial focus is formulation, in cooperation with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (“DECC”), of consensus guidelines which recognize unique challenges associated with exploring for, and developing UK’s shale resources. eCORP, a founding member of UKOOG, is now represented on UKOOG’s Council (Board of Directors) by Mr. Kopecky.

In 2014 Mr. Kopecky received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Offshore Energy Center Hall of Fame as a Technology Pioneer on the Humble Submerged Production System.

Mr. Kopecky is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Louisiana; he earned his BS, MS and PhD engineering degrees at The University of Texas at Austin and his executive MBA at Rice University.




Prior to joining the Company in 2011, Mr. Mannion had a long and productive career with Shell working primarily in the field of geophysics. He enjoyed repeated successes in interpretation, seismic processing, and acquisition including developing methodology to overcome weakness in automated 2d gridding (& surface generation) software. He was also responsible for developing specialized technology for Shell’s Deep Water business including quantitative geophysical interpretation, geomechanics, and geochemistry. His geophysics services included attribute/AVO interpretation, 4D modeling, inversion and modeling support for reserves estimation. Major projects included 3D interpretation of Bullwinkle (GC 64/65/109) and Grover (ST 295). Mr. Mannion developed amplitude interpretation technology allowing net pay prediction and net/gross estimation. He also applied his interpretation skills in a US independent oil and gas company before joining the Company.

Mr. Mannion earned a B.Sc. Physics at Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA at Tulane University.




Mr. Dionisio has 38 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Most recently he was the Director of Geology for Inergy Services, LLC. Over the last 22 years he has focused his efforts converting natural gas reservoirs in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and New York to storage using horizontal drilling technology to enhance the performance of these reservoirs.

Mr. Dionisio is an honorary member and Past-President of the Oklahoma City Geological Society. He has served the American Association of Petroleum Geologists as Councilor and Delegate to the House of Delegates representing the Mid-Continent Section. He has also serves on the Board of Directors of Equitable Royalty Corporation and has served on the Board of Directions of the Firehouse Art Center.

Mr. Dionisio received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Colorado State University, and his Master of Science in Geology from the University of Oklahoma.


Audis C. BYRD


Mr. Byrd brings to the team strong technical knowledge and experience, including high pressure/high temperature completions and shale resource plays, as well as onshore, offshore and deep-water projects globally with an excellent interdisciplinary background in both well construction and completion practices. Mr. Byrd, a former COO of GasFrac Energy Services, led the company’s introduction of LPG Fracturing “Waterless Stimulation” technology into the US Market and grew the US division revenue to $13,500,000 per month in two years. Over the course of his 30-plus year energy services career, including 25 years at Halliburton Energy Services and 5 with EOFG Resources, Inc., he served on National Petroleum Counsel (NPC) Study to evaluate the Natural Gas Market in the US and update the NPC 1999 study out to the year 2025 for the US Secretary of Energy. Additionally, while leading a 22-person team to improve stimulation operational efficiency, this team developed the first fully remote controlled fleet of stimulation equipment using mobile computing and high-speed LAN communication, a 6 million dollar development project that was on time and on budget.

Mr. Byrd further directed a team to improve stimulation designs, which was the birth of a Stimulation Optimization process (SIGMA) to use the well construction and completion data to optimize well completions and led the development of a real-time software package to analyze Mini-Fracs to optimize Stimulation treatments-this process reduces stimulation cost and improves well production. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Oklahoma. Mr. Byrd holds 12 US Patents and has authored 10 Society of Petroleum Engineers Papers and 4 Trade Journal Articles.




Drawn from his 30 year career with industry leaders including Chevron, Arco, Clayton Williams, S.A. Holditch, Ely, Falcon, Petroleum Consultants, Halliburton Energy Services and Norton Proppants, Mr. Stephen Schubarth has expertise spanning fracture treatment design, analysis, and supervision; formation evaluation through log and core analysis; evaluation of “tight” gas reservoirs; pressure transient analysis of oil and gas wells; and reservoir evaluation and computer simulation.

More specifically, Mr. Schubarth developed an evaluation process for multi-layered reservoir completions to determine both stimulation effectiveness and reservoir permeability, worked with Operating companies in “Unconventional” Oil & Gas plays to provide innovative stimulation designs to improve recovery of hydrocarbons, both domestically and internationally and designed and developed the concept for a new proppant product.

Mr. Schubarth has testified before the Texas Railroad Commission as an expert witness in “tight” gas sand applications and has authored more than 20 technical papers, the vast majority of which have been peer reviewed. He holds both a B.S. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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